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Our Company
We are very different in the way we do business.
Gondwanaland Records promotes out-of-the-ordinary,
non-pop, great music.
We are not genre specific.
We are here for the music and want to share it with you.
So while you are at this site, poke around a bit.
You may be surprised at what you find. Get it all over you.

Please, come back often. We’re always up to something.

Our Mission
What kind of music do you like? If you pause before answering that question then Gondwanaland Records understands. It’s all about the music; any music that excites, that evokes an emotion, that makes you do stupid stuff, that makes you question, that takes you to that place deep in the mind. At Gondwanaland Records, we will not give in to the “success formula” mentality.

Our Leadership
Over the past 30 years, producer Donnie Meals has given birth to many kinds of musical productions, from hard rock to ethereal soundscapes to Texas roots blues. The common characteristic of a Meals’ production is the attention given to the silence – Donnie makes sure there are no distractions from the music, that each silence separates and clarifies the expression intended.

Our Story
Gondwanaland Records developed from great artists that trusted our team. That is not a trust that is squandered nor taken for granted.
We were given permission to develop unique sounds and textures that bring to your ears the things our artists couldn’t put into words.
Here you have no “sounds like”, no “supposed to be this way”,
no predictability. Listen, be captivated, and share with impunity.

Donnie Meals - Gondwanaland Records - Editpointstudios
Donnie Meals – Gondwanaland Records – Editpointstudios

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